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20 Ways To Learn To Write Well

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1. Write a lot.

2. Rewrite. A lot.

3. Don’t be in a hurry to post.

4. Read a lot.

5. Figure out why you like what you read.

6. Write to get it right, not to get it done.

7. Write what’s true to you.

8. Write to figure out what to write.

9. Write generously.

10. Write something that matters to the people that matter to you.

11. Ask for feedback.

12. Realize that if it’s not difficult, you’re probably not doing it right.

13. Tell us a story.

14. Stop when you’ve said enough.

15. Seek to express, not to impress.*

16. Don’t sweat the bad reviews or relish the good ones.

17. Be willing to write badly in order to write well.

18. Keep writing.

19. Experiment

20. Avoid lists.

*Lifted from the late Fred Smith Sr. (

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